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When one rejoices, the other suffers - same situation!

I remember the day my sister moved back to Ethiopia. I was happy for her but devastated for me. I was so attached to the kids I felt like I was robbed off them. Meanwhile in Addis, my parents and the family were rejoicing.

This was huge for me, I believe this is the first time I realized the two different emotions that can co-exist within the same group of people over the same situation. Needless to say there are many facts of life that impact us that way.

As a recovering people pleaser, I struggle with some facts a lot. I found myself not standing for my truth in fear of disappointing others. Along the way, I have learnt that it's impossible to please everyone but I still tried...on the expense of my own happiness. Which of course deprived my authentic self to thrive.

Can anyone relate?

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