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What’s your word for the year?

My mentor John Maxwell taught me this idea of a leading word for the year.

A word that can serve as an anchor, as a focal point ..

This year, after much reflection, I settled on the word #joy. You see, #joy is different from happiness, it doesn’t goes up and down with happenings of life. It’s constant. Joy doesn’t mean the absence of hardship or pain though. Since it’s foundation is solid and unshakable, it rises above the current circumstances. You know why? It’s foundation is the #Rock, the Chief #Cornerstone of my faith, Christ !!!

You know what’s funny? A day after I zoomed in to this word #joy, I faced a painful scenario that brought me to tears. For a good minute, it even interrupted the message I was ready to record. Yet a moment of silence and recalibrating my heart around this word, brought me back to peace. Regardless of what happens or who happens, I promise my God to remain in #joy. He is my source of #joy and nothing can take that away from me.


Side note:

‘What’s the source of my joy?’ is a good question to ponder.

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