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Be Strong, it’s life

“Be strong mommy, it’s life”

said my 9 year old with conviction at a moment of an emotional meltdown yesterday. I turned to look at her and to my amazement, she was holding this painting that she grabbed from my book shelf.

Needless to say, my emotion switched from frustration to fulfillment. A smile started to crack from the corner of my lips as she continued to counsel me. “We will make the best out of the situation, ok mommy?” By then I was smiling as I nodded in agreement.

My heart smiled broader than my lips could ever have. This proved not only that she has been soaking up all the lessons, it’s also evident that when the table turns, she is capable of living them out practically.

As I reflected deeper, what surfaced was the power of authenticity. Authenticity is being real not perfect. As I am true to my self, I am liberating and empowering her to be true to herself as well.

Often times as parents we want to put a mask and pretend to have everything under control in front of our kids. However, if we want our kids to love and accept themselves as they are, we need to cultivate authenticity. What more can teach them better than modeling such a core value? Especially in this era of social media ...

With authenticity intact in their core, kids can defend their truth and they don’t have to prove themselves to anyone. Instead, they will live out their values and share their perspective with confidence when appropriate. Not only that, they will be free to ask for help when they need it.

It’s life indeed and we all have poignant moments, yet when those moments turned out to be, remarkable, it’s a win-win all around.

Note to self:

(Art work by the talented Meba Wondwossen)

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