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Can I do it?

To achieve anything, instead of asking the most common question 'Can I do it?' which automatically ignite doubt in us, it is much effective to ask 'How can I do it?'. This gets our brain to start working in search of ways to achieve our goal....the word 'How' reminds us the limitless possibilities out there. 'Can I do it?' mainly focuses on our own ability whereas 'How can I do it?' allows us to seek help from others.

Can you all see the value of asking the RIGHT way???

I posted the above message in 2016 and yet when it comes writing my first book, I find my self saying 'Can I really do it now?' That limiting question was googling my brain to bring forth all the reasons why I can't...why the time wasn't right. I should attend my own 'lecture' and start asking 'How can I do it?' fact I have and I am finding little windows of time to jot down what can be added in my book.

What are you striving to achieve? Most importantly, are you asking the right question that opens up the possibilities?

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