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Celebrating victory before it comes

There is a fine line between presumption and faith. When presumption is belief in our ability to determine an outcome. Faith is believing in Him.

Often times we look around with our naked eyes only to be discouraged by the absence of evidence. The pursuit of a preferred future can be longer than anticipated but we need to shut those eyes and begin to ‘see’ with our spiritual eyes. We need to be there before we get there. We need to experience its promise, it’s essence before we physically do.

In my case, times of frustration has come and gone. That phase was like walking with an iron boot on, heavy and laborious. And in the midst of the huff and puff, much energy is lost along with irreplaceable time.

Enough of that detrimental distraction ...I am not willing to be dragged by it no more. When I can silence the doubt with tightly closed yet widely open eyes to the screen playing within.

It’s one thing to forecast rain when the cloud is thick and dark. But another to ‘see’ and ‘smell’ rain on a dry summer day. I smell my freedom while I am still typing away....

Do you see the sign? “Faith casting in progress” all in agreement with God’s promises. As to the current undeniable reality, well, I will leave that to the Forecasting experts.

How about you? Are you faith casting or forecasting your future?

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