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Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

I dare say we all have one thing, if not more, that lingers inside. At times, it’s ready to jump out ...especially with the right company. We ‘see’ it alive and thriving yet at times it’s on the lower spectrum. Not driving our imagination at a higher speed but there, with faint signs of it’s existence.

Needless to say that fear of failure and doubt score the highest in succeeding when it comes to keeping us captive from taking the steps forward. We announce our intent but then, we justify our lack of action with the ‘getting ready’ mode. That’s doubt hiding it’s ugly face.

What we need to swallow is a dose of courage. Courage to step forward and cross that line. I recently jumped after many phases of ‘getting ready modes’. I jumped into the YouTube arena of recording videos, editing and much more behind the scene activities. I am building my wings as I fly and soon enough that optimum altitude will be reached.

Could this be your story? You are stirred often but for some unfathomable reason you are stuck? Are you waiting for a full moon season? I tell you, there is no perfect timing.

If this stir has been constant and you have no concrete reason for pushing it further, I want to encourage you to step forward with courage. Start with who you are and what you have. It’s enough to begin. And remember, a small action is much greater than great intentions.

They say courage is fear that has said it’s prayer and I do agree. It is not the absence of fear or doubt, rather a decision that your dream is bigger.

Go on cross it.

I am cheering you on.

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