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I want to reflect but I feel so scattered

I want to reflect but I feel so scattered. .I have been struggling to express my feelings lately. Though I don't think I am at my worst, I am for sure at a lower side of the emotion spectrum. [I am saying this not to get attention or sympathy...I am just stating the fact]. There is another side to this fact though....[we are complicated beings for sure] LOL

Grieving for my loss has brought an interesting question in fact, many related ones. 'What if it was me who passed'?' Have I made an impact in any way?' 'Would I be missed by others outside those who knew me close?' 'what would be the line people conclude my life with?'..

This is beyond the familiar to me. Yes, losing somebody I care for has pushed up my determination level to make a difference, but these are letting me take a deeper dive.

Have you ever entertained these questions? I know death is such a taboo subject but hey we are all going someday...we just don't know when. Isn't it better to keep the end in mind so that we make the days between our DOB and DOD meaningful?

Go on, have a stub...let me hear your thoughts....

Helina here

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