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In the absence of evidence

In the absence of evidence; for a perceived result or outcome, what do you usually do?

Get discouraged? Give up? or keep going?

As you contemplate these questions, keep in mind that it can apply to many areas of your life and I let you munch what is the chunkiest.

As for me, some things are easier, like instilling core values in my daughter. I accepted the long-haul ride. I get it, the evidence might take years. Well, in some things though, I must admit I was hit by discouragement countless times…even pushed to the cliff of giving up. Men, it can be agggrrrr….

Today, if you are anything like me, hear me out….the TRUTH is not in the appearance of things…it is not. The absence of evidence doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Please keep doing what needs to be done, keep working out, keep showing up, keep directing your kids, keep adding value to yourself, keep praying, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Just because you don’t see results, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening in the back ground. In its due time, you will see the evidence. You will lose the weight, you will pass the test, you will get the promotion etc…Replace frustration with fulfillment and be celebratory at each stage (Hear hear Helina).

Think about it, a farmer doesn’t see the seeds he planted germinate, it is an inside job but the lack of evidence doesn’t stop him from watering the soil. There is a season for harvest as there is a season for sowing. Just like that everything has a natural process, as long as you play your part, it has no choice but to be visible.

Enjoy the process!

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