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Is your joy attached to your desires?

Our desires are endless and as intrinsic as that is; the problem lies when we attach them to our joy. We are often heard in saying when this happen, I will be so happy or when I get there I will be fulfilled. We push our happiness to a future date. As if life becomes whole when we get to the desired outcome.

When that appointed date comes, though we smile with joy, the package it comes with can catch us by surprise. When it comes to existence, our joy is not as much as we anticipated. We got the car but there is a car payment that sting us every month which suddenly becomes a nuisance. We got our dream partner but there is a huge compromise that comes with it that can bring a sour taste to our buds. We got the position yet the expected long hours at the office is overbearing. You get my drift, nothing is in 100% alignment to keep the joy tank full. Therefore, our joy must find a constant source that never dries.

This is what my girl is realizing the last 2 days. She longed for snow days as they are rare in Dallas. Her dream of a fluffy snow was granted yet it came with frequent flickering power loss. Now, I see the frustration on her face as the anticipated joy has its own down side.

Am I saying don’t dream, aspire or wish, absolutely not, I am saying don’t attach your joy to anything except God. He is and will always be constant. Our source of joy should be from Him only. He is the Alpha and the Omega, He is the great I am. His ways are better and long lasting.

Next time you sense yourself stretching that joy string to attach to anything , pause and reflect back. Remember nothing is constant and everything has a downside that will never fill our joy tank.

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