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Lesson on attitude and more....

Two construction workers sat down to eat lunch. One opened his lunch box and exclaimed "OMG Bologna sandwich? AGAIN? This is the fourth time in a row!!!! I HATE BOLOGNA SANDWICH!!!!"

His friend saw his anger and said in a calm voice 'it's ok man. Have it for today and just calmly tell your wife that you don't like bologna sandwich '

The angry friend turned to face his friend and said "Leave my wife out of this!! I pack my own sandwich".

This joke was shared by John Maxwell when he was teaching about attitude. If we pick the wrong attitude, even what can easily be changed shoots us to the roof. I also got more out of this joke that was used to make a point. You see, in life for the most part, we are the ones blocking our own growth, we get on our own way. It is very easy to assume somebody else packed the lunch, it is easy to blame our circumstances, the economy, our financial situation etc but if we are willing to dig deeper, what blocks us the most is our own limiting beliefs. Just like the angry guy, we pack our life in a box, we put a limit to our potential and we scream out loud at the no avail.

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