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Life is never made unbearable by circumstances.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Surely some circumstances can make life unbearable, wouldn’t you agree? What is Dr Frankl trying to communicate with us then? Most importantly, what was his basis for such a statement? You see, he was a Holocaust survivor who lost all his family in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. In his book, Man Search for Meaning, he documented the horrific situation he found himself in. However, his decision to shift his attitude freed him to find meaning in the midst of his horror. That in effect propelled him to use his medical training to treat fellow prisoners. He claimed, suffering ceases to be suffering when it finds purpose.

What can we learn from such a brave man in our current blow?

I say, a lot! At the core, the word #DECISION pops out to me and the power we have to

#CHOOSE, at a minimum, our attitude.

For some of us, shifting our prospective positively to any unprecedented circumstance is intrinsically woven to our being. However, for some, I dare to say for the majority of us, what comes natural is to dwell in the midst with a victim flag up. What we need to be reminded of is that, life is a challenge, it is full of ups and downs. In fact, the wavy path is what makes it interesting. That simple fact alone can alter our beliefs towards the ‘valleys’ in our path that we label as ‘bad’. When unexpected crises hit, however dumbfounded we feel, how we proceed should be fed from a bold decision to be a victor. That stance is the stage to navigate through the crises in search for solution.

Remember fear is a reaction but #courage is a #decision. A decision to walk past the fear, a decision to be part of the solution, a decision that keeps a broader & wider perspective.

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