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My prayer these days is for God to make me like Daniel...

Daniel lived with conviction and compassion in a world of compromise in Babylon. He remained humble, he kept the right attitude, yet he stood his ground. His circumstances didn’t make him lose prospective- his perspective was ETERNAL. 

When culture drives us to admire and be soaked into tangible yet temporary things, we need to pause and reflect who the invisible master of our life is. Daniel didn’t follow the trend, he could have been eating from the King’s table yet the invisible God He served had served him well all the way to eternity. 

When our circumstances seem unbearable and robes us of our hope...we need to pause and reflect how God rescued us before. Daniel let his hardship made him stronger instead of breaking him to pieces. His eternal perspective kept him grounded in times of suffering. It amazes me how many Daniels there are named after him because of his stand. 

Being like Daniel is keeping the big picture, is being led by solid principles than temporary emotions. Bring like Daniel is seeing many smiles thru our tears. Being like Daniel is walking by faith not by sight. 

Dear Lord, guard my steps daily to walk like Daniel. Help me to be the change I want to see in the world. 

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