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My student, my teacher

You are loving, funny and witty; most of all, you are full of life and have such a passionate love for God.

You’re not just my child but my perfect teacher...

At times, I find myself attempting to tame you, to make you the child I was, yet each time, you blast out in rejection. Bells of awakening ring within my core compelling me to examine the unexamined.

You have made me question each belief I carry and the unconscious action of impressing it upon you. On the surface, it can be labeled as rebellion but it’s not...far from it. In fact, unintentionally, I would have crushed your spirit if you had allowed me.

It’s interesting how God paired us together. Never thought I would learn from my own child.

Unlike the old box can contain you as you would immediately break free and fly into #nolimits...

You are solution-oriented, geared to navigate through any roadblock. Your boldness and courageous actions catch me by surprise many times. And how eloquently you formulate your words... how deeply you dive in... Oh, how you astonish me!

To top it all up, I love the tender heart you have for people.

My child, almost my height at 9, (‘ኧረ ጉድ’ - in your own words)

...May the Lord continue to guide and guard you. You are truly a gift from Him!

My student, my teacher,

I love you...

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