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Repetition is the mother of skill...

Repetition is the mother of skill...

This saying came alive as we watched this cyclist smoothly ride his bike hands free (the upside of NY traffic😀). For about 3-4 blocks, he never once moved his position ...he was cruising as if he was in the back of a limo. What astonished us was how he remained balanced (of course hands free) as the traffic light stopped him. He only used one hand to turn the wheel to proceed his ride when the light turned green. (Check out the 2nd pic ).

While my daughter’s concern was his safety, my mind was contemplating how many practices it took him to reach this mastery. I could imagine at least a couple of falls, even some bruises or worse.

Balancing two wheels might come easy for well coordinated some but not for me. Though I don’t recall my transition to two wheels from four, I clearly remember how challenging it was for me to make a U turn to ride back and forth from our gate to the garage (which is a good distance for a child). I also remember practicing alone to avoid my brother’s laughter every time I zig zagged the wheel in an attempt to stay balanced during a turn. Eventually I got the hang of it but never did I stretched my self to practice other acts of bravery with my bike.

Now coming back to the handsfree rider, I do not doubt that there was some extent of intentional practice involved. Weather this dude is born with the inclination or not.

So let me ask you, are you putting intentional effort to master a skill? Well, I am and watching the cyclist made me reflect the intensity of my effort and where I am ...

My Reflection story continues tomorrow, join me my fellow insiders, ponder what you are attempting to master and let’s meet here for some sharing.

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