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Self acceptance

A Kodak moment to capture & reflect on...

Waiting on my coaching client, I found my self smiling at my reflection on the screen. I must admit it’s not the first time either.

Self acceptance has been quiet a journey for me. Peeling off labels that anchored self limiting beliefs required work. Dealing with the undesirable feelings that emerged into the surface wasn’t pleasant. Yet, it was worth it.

Then came reconciling the self designed ‘perfect’ image to the one who is, the realty. A sweaty fight for sure which needed intentional weeding through positive affirmations. Finally, the blurry shadowy part of me fall in love with the real Helina. The perfectly imperfect Helina, who is fearfully wonderfully made in His image. The one who strives for excellence to be the best version of herself daily. The one who surrenders to be fashioned by the hands of the Designer.

My soul rejoices with peace as I write this and joy oozes out from deep within.

With humility and gratitude, I accept her warmly and love her unconditionally.

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