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The proof of DESIRE is in the pursuit!!!


The proof of DESIRE is in the pursuit!!!

Cleaning up the home office, I came across flyers from my past events. And zoom, I was taken on a memory lane.....

I went back to the beginning where my passion burst out from my own circle to the world at large. Who would believe a reserved quiet person like me would choose such a path? Well, I am a firm believer of “God doesn’t call the qualified, God qualifies the called”. I truly feel called for such a time like this and each of those flyers represent the desire I expressed in my pursuit to serve my purpose.

What hinders you to pursue your passion? Many aspire to go back to college, aspire to start a business, aspire to ...but the getting ready takes longer as there is this false belief that everything has to be perfect to start. It is such a hindering thought that brings the feeling of ‘not good enough’ that freezes many to take action.

No body can maneuver a parked car so I say ‘START’ and maneuver your way to living out your purpose.

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