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What a journey!

So I gave my brother John Maxwell’s latest book (Leader Shift) and he edited a page and sent me a picture...

While it made me smile and appreciate the vote of confidence he has in me. It made me ask ‘why didn’t I make that list?’ The list of history makers from John's team...

Here is what came to the surface....

"Limiting beliefs"

It was my own self-limiting belief that kept me from being written about.

I noticed, at every level, there is a barrier to break.

For many, I am an achiever, doing what I do while in full time professional career is unthinkable. It has its challenges for sure. But its time ....I am above that now. By that I meant, I can’t live under that title any longer, I pushed it as much as I can, it is time to break out.

The beauty of it all, thru tears and frustration, I am more strong and confident, I know my value now. I was being molded - still is actually.

The struggle between the old Helina and the emerging leader that strives to be in front of world leaders continues. I give the old Helina her moment at times as she brings many agreements that don’t serve me to the table and I move on.

What a journey!

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